Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All this and then..


Why the hurry hurry? It's just going to slow down.  

Take a deep breath and look around, it doesn't get any better.  

Take care of your own, treat those you love with love because it's what is most important in life, and if we're lucky we'll have someone to take care of us too. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

When and when not to high beam

I drive a lot, I drive a lot everyday.  Now my sister would say it's not a lot because she drives more than I do but for most normal people I drive a lot.  Lately people have been high beaming me like crazy!  I know I'm a good driver, I don't drive slow, usually about 65-75 on the highway.  I don't text and drive, I use to be able to but now I don't trust myself or anyone else.  I don't cut people off, I think that's rude and I hate it when people do it to me. So why the hell are you high beaming me you high beaming bastard!!?? Cause you're an asshole in a nice car that wants to cut me off while you're texting on both your blackberries.  Dick move.  The only time I want to high beam some one is when I'm standing behind them at the ATM I wish I had high beams to let them know that they suck at using the ATM.  The worst is when they start having a conversation with the ATM, "what? oh god psssssshhh Oh god".. you're not going to talk the ATM into giving you money just read and press the buttons, if you can't do that then go to the teller.  Or you idiots that go to the self checkouts at a supermarket.  Self checkouts are for people that want to get out faster, not for the ones that let their 7 year old kid scan every item! I would high beam you and your snotty nosed kid in the face if I could.

A high beam is only bad if it comes from someone that is behind you, if someone high beams your while facing you it's a good thing cause it usually means: "hey bud your headlights are off" or "you may go ahead of me".  I haven't gotten to many of those lately, I've gotten the get the hell out of the way high beams and it makes me want to slam on my breaks.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have to say that todays been a good day. I've been feeling sick as a dog for the past couple of days, stuffy nose, head and chest congestion, it's been terrible but this morning I woke up feeling a lot better.  I was nervous because I only got 4 hours of sleep after tossing and turning for hours in bed, I think I took the Tylenol day time medicine instead of the night time, so when I woke up this morning and I could actually breathe through one nostril I knew it was gonna be a good day.  I took my mom to work, came back and didn't go back to bed instead I played with my NEW IPHONE! yup, I waited for 3 years for Verizon to get and it did so my super hot fiance got it for me for my bday, she's pretty cool.  I set it all up and it's pretty dope, the headphones even fit in my tiny ass ears, so when I say it's a good day I really really mean it.  I have a new next door neighbor and he hasn't cleaned off his car once this whole winter, and we've been killed with snow this year, so when I saw his car was completely clean it brought a smile to my face, I actually saw a little bit of my lawn this morning, tomorrow I might even get to get to read if the NY Giants made the playoffs in the newspaper thats been burried for the past 6 weeks. I stopped at Wendy's for lunch and they had a new chicken sandwich ( Chicken ASIAGO IS BANGIN! ) It hit the spot.  I hope the rest of the day goes well and I hope I don't have to use my AK.. then that will really be a good day.

Monday, February 7, 2011

She's a smart one!

I used to work with this old man, in this case lets call him Mr. C.  Mr. C is a janitor/city worker at the rec center where I worked for 2 years.  He's an old man holding on to whatever is left as he works his last couple of years so he can retire with his medical benefits because his wife is very very sick.  Mr. C  is about 125 lbs. smells like B.O and Marlboro reds, his dentures move around in his mouth when he speaks, and his stringy gray hair is as greasy as his work shirt, or vice versa.  He doesn't really work anymore I constantly found him asleep with his feet up on a radiator near the window, wouldn't even care if you caught him.  He's a slick talker, kinda racist but not really, and always talks with with a crooked smile on his face.  He's kinda of a pervert and thats why I like him even more, I love a perverted old man because they say the strangest shit and get away with it.  I once heard him comment on about a female that frequented the rec center "She's a smart one that bitch.. WIT THEM BIG OL' TITTAAAAYSSS" as he did a little shimmy. You see what I mean? He's a really good person with a big heart.  Sadly his wife just passed away Friday, I didn't get a chance to go to the services but I made sure I sent a sympathy card, I wrote all the nice things that you usually say when someone passes, but what I really wanted to say was "WAS SHE A SMART ONE?"  cause I know it would bring a smile to his face, I bet he could use it.

Squeeze it easy Mr. C., I'll toast the next one to you and your smart one.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Today is my first day blogging, I really don't know why I did it because I'm not much of a writer, my grammar is awful and i've never been much of a speller.  I know there will be people who will try to read this and maybe get annoyed by my writing but this is it.  This is somthing new for me and I'd like to be successful at it especially since I don't really keep to anything I start, so lets see how this goes.  So far so good.

Los & GPee Yankee Stadium
Today I woke up to find out that my favorite Yankee pitcher Andy Pettite is retiring (http://newyork.yankees.mlb.com/news/article.jspymd=20110203&content_id=16562350&vkey=news_nyy&c_id=nyy ), it's only sad because he's a great person and a "MONSTER" on the mound.  He's my 94 year old grandpa's (GPees) favorite player, and his retirement just reminds me that the things that I once knew as a kid are coming to an end.  I was 13 years old watching him play in the 96 World Series, that was 14 years ago! I didn't even have hair under my armpits! Thats a long time, but when I think about my grandfather he was still 80, that makes it seem so much of a shorter time.  Why?  I don't really wanna know the answer to that cause I'm sure it'll make for some psychological answer and make somebody wanna cry.  So today I'll probably just listen to some old school music, wear my favorite t-shirt and sneakers and remember that even though things are changing we still have great memories.  I'm off to watch Andy Petitte's retirement press conference, he still looks like a champ.